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WordMemory for iPhone and iPad

WordMemory is a mixture of a memory puzzle and a crossword puzzle, you’re given a map of cards which have characters¬†on the other side, by tapping a card you’ll reveal the character and you’ll have to remember them. If you

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TreeCal for iPhone and iPad

TreeCal is a very simple math game in which you need to add two numbers together to get the destination number, you’ll have to do this 6 times per level to complete the level. The goal number is always a

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Stackpack for iPad

Stackpack is a game all about chain reactions, by exploding your balls you’ll conquer the neighbouring tiles and make them yours! If a tile has more or equal the amount of balls on itself it will explode and take over

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Cifrix for iPhone and iPad

After creating The Fall the teacher who got me to work on that asked me if I could do some other work for him, with another company he was working on a different game but the developers stopped responding to

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The fall for iPad

The fall is the very first game I ever released, I started working on this game after a new teacher, and still good friend of mine, was searching Youtube videos during class on the history of gaming. He found this

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