Multiword for iPad


Multiword is a competitive word game I made for Keesing/Denksport at Topformats in which you’re playing against 2-4 opponentsĀ to try and place the most words on the board. Words within words also count and because of this you can get some really valuable combinations!

Words of 3 to 7 characters are allowed to be placed and every word within them counts as a word as well, for instance if you have the dutch word “meeuw” you’ll get points for “meeuw” (seagull), “eeuw” (century) and “mee” (with/going). The longer the word the more points you’ll get. There are 2 words which produce 148 points but I’ll leave it up to you to find them šŸ˜‰

In a multiplayer game you can pick 1 character per round and you’ll have to use the character the other players have picked as well, only when you’ve placed all the characters you need to place will you be allowed to choose a new character. Instead of everyone sharing the same board every player has their own board and makes their own words, only when the game is finished will you be able to see the other players boards.

The game allows for you to play on your own or against 2-4 other players via Game-Center which was really tricky to code since we didn’t have a server available and thus the game had to be played Peer to Peer. It also had to support the fact that a player could drop out of the game and if that player happened to be the host at the time then the position of the host had to be transferred over to another player in the game.

If you want to play Multiword you can find it on the app-store

Scrollword for iPad


Scrollword is a game that I made at Topformats for Keesing/Denksport. It is a re-interpretation of a classic crossword puzzle, instead of getting a hint as to what word needs to be where you’re given the characters that can be in those places. By scrolling through the characters you need to make up the words to finish the game, once you’ve found a word the characters get turned blue and they’re locked in place to prevent you from accidentally changing them.

The easy levels only have two different characters per tile but the harder levels can have up to 5 different characters per tile! In order to help the player a bit there are also some green tiles which set the tile at that location to the right character.

The game itself was made in Cocos2D and also supports in-app purchases for new levels, both Cocos2D and the in-app purchase system were new to me at the time so it was a nice learning experience.

If you want to play the game you can find it on the app-store