WordMemory for iPhone and iPad


WordMemory is a mixture of a memory puzzle and a crossword puzzle, you’re given a map of cards which have characters¬†on the other side, by tapping a card you’ll reveal the character and you’ll have to remember them. If you can make a word then you can place it and thus score points, once you’ve made a word with 3 characters you can open up up to 4 cards and make word with up to 4 characters, if you then make a word with 4 characters you can open up another extra card all the way up to 6 cards which is quite tricky.

The game is a multiplayer only game and you can play it either locally on 1 iPad or against an opponent via Game-Center. During the development we often took some time to just sit down and play this game because it’s really fun to play.

This is also the first game that features both Dutch and English words instead of just Dutch as in the previous games.

If you want to play this game you can get it on the app-store

TreeCal for iPhone and iPad


TreeCal is a very simple math game in which you need to add two numbers together to get the destination number, you’ll have to do this 6 times per level to complete the level. The goal number is always a multiple of 10 but the given numbers on the logs vary between 1 and the target number minus 1.

The more you play the game the less time you’ll have left to finish each level, my personal highscore is reaching a goal number of 180 but I don’t remember the actual score I got. It’s a simple yet addictive game.

The physics in this game are done with Box2D and it was my first encounter with physics, I quickly found out that I had to increase certain numbers a bit because the recommended settings for the world and physics objects made it seem like everything was falling in slowmotion.

If you want to play the game you can find it on the app-store

Cifrix for iPhone and iPad


After creating The Fall the teacher who got me to work on that asked me if I could do some other work for him, with another company he was working on a different game but the developers stopped responding to them because they had other work to do even though the game had some bugs which needed to be fixed asap. Dennis asked me if I could do it and offered me payment for my work, which at the time felt unreal to me because I had never earned anything yet with my coding skills and the amount I earned through this project was pretty great. I could quite easily find the bugs and fix them and far within the time I was given to fix this game I already finished and we sent the update to the App-Store.

When the game was done and working properly again I got an invite to start working for Topformats (the company behind Cifrix) which I gladly accepted, it was my first real job in game-development.

Cifrix itself is a math game in which you are given 9 numbers and 4 options to modify those numbers, either addition, subtraction, multiplication or division. You’d have 3 inputs, the first being the first number, the second being the operator you wish to perform and the third being the second number. A number has to be more then or equal to 1, less then or equal to 999 and an integer value (decimals are not allowed). The goal of the game is to use the numbers given to make the target number shown on the screen. On the first level you’d have 120 seconds to complete the level, as you progress through the game the time becomes less and less and thus you’ll have to think faster to finish the level.

When I was working at Topformats for a while the request came in to give the game support for the iPad since it originally only had support for the iPhone, the game was unfortunately designed for the iPhone and it was done in Interface Builder instead of any kind of game engine so that proved to be quite a challenge.

If you want to play Cifrix you can find it on the app-store