WordMemory for iPhone and iPad


WordMemory is a mixture of a memory puzzle and a crossword puzzle, you’re given a map of cards which have characters¬†on the other side, by tapping a card you’ll reveal the character and you’ll have to remember them. If you can make a word then you can place it and thus score points, once you’ve made a word with 3 characters you can open up up to 4 cards and make word with up to 4 characters, if you then make a word with 4 characters you can open up another extra card all the way up to 6 cards which is quite tricky.

The game is a multiplayer only game and you can play it either locally on 1 iPad or against an opponent via Game-Center. During the development we often took some time to just sit down and play this game because it’s really fun to play.

This is also the first game that features both Dutch and English words instead of just Dutch as in the previous games.

If you want to play this game you can get it on the app-store

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