TreeCal for iPhone and iPad


TreeCal is a very simple math game in which you need to add two numbers together to get the destination number, you’ll have to do this 6 times per level to complete the level. The goal number is always a multiple of 10 but the given numbers on the logs vary between 1 and the target number minus 1.

The more you play the game the less time you’ll have left to finish each level, my personal highscore is reaching a goal number of 180 but I don’t remember the actual score I got. It’s a simple yet addictive game.

The physics in this game are done with Box2D and it was my first encounter with physics, I quickly found out that I had to increase certain numbers a bit because the recommended settings for the world and physics objects made it seem like everything was falling in slowmotion.

If you want to play the game you can find it on the app-store

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