Stackpack for iPad


Stackpack is a game all about chain reactions, by exploding your balls you’ll conquer the neighbouring tiles and make them yours! If a tile has more or equal the amount of balls on itself it will explode and take over the neighbours, a corner tile has a maximum of 2, an edge tile 3 and a middle tile 4. When a ball explodes it will not only take over the neighbour but also increase it’s height, if that tile then is also at critical mass it will explode as well causing a chain reaction.

During the development we’ve also played this game quite a lot because it’s a fun game, we also often came to a point in the game where it seemed like one player was going to win because they had about 95% of the map for themselves but eventually their opponent still won thanks to a big chain reaction.

There are also some special balls to make the game more interesting. The first one is the multiball which is not bound to a specific player and anyone can use this ball at any time and claim them as their own. The second one is the grey ball which doesn’t have an owner nor can be used by anyone until the cause an explosion right next to one of these.

To make the levels more fun we also added a feature with which you can pre-set the balls to either be randomly scattered throughout the map with the colors of the players in the game, have them all be the multiball or have some grey balls placed down in the map.

The game isn’t limited to just 1 map but several and they make for some interesting gameplay.

As of around March 2015 we’re working on re-making this game, the concept will stay intact but the design will be very different and there will be more interesting levels and mechanics plus the game will support iPhone, iPad and Android thanks to the Cocos2D-X engine. There is not ETA available at this moment.

If you want to play the game you can find it on the app-store

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