The fall for iPad

The Fall
The Fall

The fall is the very first game I ever released, I started working on this game after a new teacher, and still good friend of mine, was searching Youtube videos during class on the history of gaming. He found this game which he had originally made for the PS1 and wanted to get it re-released on iOS and asked if someone wanted to volunteer, I volunteered and he gave me a Mac Mini to use during class since I didn’t have a Macbook. When I volunteered I had no experience at all with mobile development and had to learn everything from scratch, about 6 weeks later we released the game to the App-Store and I had just made and released my very first game!

The concept of the game is quite simple, you’re falling down a well with platforms coming along the way, you don’t know when or where these platforms will pop up but you better catch them or you’ll fall to your death! Subsequently if you stay on a platform to long you’ll get crushed by the spikes at the ceiling. There are also different kinds of platforms, there is the transport platform which moves your character either left or right, the spike platform which will hurt you if you stand on them and the trampoline platform which bounces you up and down and makes it a bit more difficult to control your movement. If you’ve lost some hearts you can regain them by touching other platforms, the trampoline platform is quite useful for this as you’ll touch it multiple times without going to a new platform.

The game was made with OpenGLES 1.2 and Objective-C, at the time I hadn’t found Cocos2D yet and went from a tutorial on about making a game from scratch for iOS. It was mostly a learning process and getting myself familiarised with the syntax of Objective-C.

If you want to check out the game on iOS you can find it on the app-store

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